Pre-Night Out Survival Kit

Shaloch Manos time is upon us, and I find myself in a new city wishing I had taken this in hand weeks ago. As it is, this is what I would do, if I had had a little foresight.

Start with a bright paint can, and stick on a hand-scribbled label, like these from Paper Source.

Inside, stuff a few things that are sure to come in handy at the last minute. Try one of those Aquapod water bottles, with the curvy shape
(hydration), an energy bar (nutrition), and some mint gum (distraction). Or, get carried away in the Purim spirit by putting in a miniature bottle of champagne (relaxation), or--better-- those little pink cans of champagne (style AND relaxation). Check kosher status, first, as I haven't responsibly looked into that. Go all the way with a small purse mirror compact (confirmation), a sample of the Yes to Carrots hand cream (yummy sensation) and a silk magnolia for her hair (southern affectation). Print out smoky eye makeup instructions and you can't beat it. She's ready.