Handpainted Vespa T-Shirt

Not the slick, seafoam Vespa scooter, this one has the watercolor, crackled quality prized by those who refuse to wear reproduction concert tees.

Original art deserves a tailored jacket and dark denim.


Mr. Owl Square Pendant

Owls are wise, witty, and sometimes pink.

Allow time to look around this artist's shop. Each pattern is more beautiful than the last.



Cuttlefish Ring

Apparently cuttlefish casting is casting a metal in a mold made of the backbone of a squid which has been sanded and fitted together in a fascinating manner.

From the intricacy of this technique I found that this is a most inexpensive price.

The pattern reminds me of little shells lying on a wave-soaked stretch of sand.



A few summers ago I used this lotion at Boston's Hotel Commonwealth and could not get enough of it's yummy, almondy scent. For the full experience, take a bath, use liberally, and pronounce almond, "aaamond."

I don't often have the chance to express my deep belief that every girl should have her own corkscrew, but I have experienced the frustration of standing in front of a bottle of wine and being unable to open it due to the absence of a single simple tool.
And while I'm no fan of girly hammer/screwdriver sets marketed in frosted pink packaging, I do happen to like this wine opener.
Ten percent goes to women's cancer education, outreach, and research.
Farbrengen, finals, or Simchas Torah. $44


Anna Kuperberg

Tear yourself away from OnlySimchas for a moment and look at some outstanding photography. Weddings and otherwise.

Also, this. Photography with an artier feel by Denise Andrade. For real inspiration.

Karim Rashid: Kid's Kapsule Chair

IDEA winning cuuuurvy seating. Sure to please kids (think: large cardboard box, bright plastic, a new home for fuzzy best friends) and parents too (think: storage, style, and, the only guarantee the kid will actually sit sometime.)

In Neon Green, Deep Purple, Luminous Orange, and Electric Blue.



Love is a Mix Tape

Incredible book. Love is a Mix Tape is about actually finding true love, and losing it too early. It hooked me as an insight to what we crave and kept me reading and crying as a sensitive account by a man who has lived and loved, "one song at a time."


Moo Minicards

A new identity for the new year.

Ladies and gentlemen of the 'net, reinvent thyselves.

I hear it's beautiful printing and incredibly versatile. I will be ordering mine shortly.



Cotton MaryJane

I wish you all a fast that is difficult enough to inspire deep teshuva and easy enough to promote true kavana.

A guilt-free $12

Exactly what you're looking for by an admired artist. Quality, character, and thought. It's quirky.
And for your Gigi moments, this.


Sometimes it's a birthday. Or a hurdle you never thought you could jump. Or holding the chicken yourself when you swing it around your head.
It doesn't have to be with this necklace, but celebrate.
Worn separately or together, $385


Alfani Harley Double Gore Boot


According to the most important and widely respected fashion advisers-- via Macy's-- brown shoes can be worn with everything from jeans to black suits. According to me, they look current, sharp, and even a little creative.

And there's no "creative" more attractive than clever gored boots. They say "Hey, I am normal, but I have an edge. I'm put together and frum, but I can spell AND I have photographed local landmarks."
Most loudly they say "Date me."



Vinyl Appliques

I do not speak French, nor is it above Italian on my "Things to Learn and Do Before Death List", but these vinyl wall stickers are clean, elegant, and cheeky in a way that transcends language barriers.

Headboards, chairs, bathtubs, mantelpieces, frames, butterflies, women in various stages of undress. All impeccably stylish. (Except the women. Those are kind of sleazy.)

And to put a little giggle in your Aseress Y'mei, the smarmy french video for this product.

Uh, Euros?


You'll recognize the detail and artistry from the bag, below, but a repeat is alright with a designer this incredible.
Click on the link and look at the larger photos. I chose to display the closeup because the detailwork is so gripping, but the whole shape is so feminine and gorgeous. From the cinched waist to the pleating and internal finishing, it's amazing it's so inexpensive.
Tis the season for cooking-- all. day. long.-- so why not enjoy it?
$18 (a sign?)


This Japanese pattern is so contemporary and vaguely honeycomb-y. I would use the large one for sliced apples arranged around a little glass bowl for honey.


Dressmaker's details make this twill bag unique and softly dramatic. Big enough to carry textbooks, diapers, or eight months' worth of bridal magazines.

Drop O Honey Necklace

Light, tiny, and faceted, this necklace is not too literal, but just literal enough.


Estée Lauder Youth-Dew Dusting Powder Box

Nordstrom says:

In 1953, Estée Lauder introduced Youth-Dew, a scented bath oil that doubled as a perfume, and the world of fragrance was forever changed. Until then, women relied on the men in their lives to give them perfume as a special gift. But Youth-Dew was created for women to buy for themselves...and they did. Even today, its captivating, sexy romance ensures that this true classic remains a favorite. The Dusting Powder is light and silky, leaves your skin smooth, comfortable and richly scented. Powder box includes a soft puff.
I'm in, even without the puff. Though a puff is a major plus, as far as I'm concerned.



Clear Day Ring

Aquamarine is a contagious obsession. My mother was just given a sparkling pair of aquamarine studs and here is my pick for something cheaper.

A very modern but sweet placeholder until you can buy yourself some flashy aquamarine.



Sterling Hammered Princess Stacking Ring

This is just the start. This ring is one of a line of hammered sterling layerable rings, most around the twelve to twenty dollar range.Each variation is named after the royal crown it resembles. There are elegant square bands, princess circlets like this one, prince double bands with small round silver pebbles connecting them, and square bands with pebbles forming a king's crown, great for putting space in your stack. Extra special? The Empress.

Works well with velvet. Or anything.


Leafy Leather Cuff

Maybe I've been taken in by the nubbly, tweedy styles for fall, but I'm showing no signs of slowing down.

This bracelet is handmade by an artist in British Columbia and is a graphic, earthy version of the real thing. Any closer to the actual object and it would crunch when you step on it.

Affordable, too.