Pocket Journal

Guys don't like "yummy" leather. They like beautiful, rugged leather that will wear well and end up distressed and personal.

Give him a thick, sturdy journal that only improves with every throwing in backpack, backseat, and front hall table.

Custom work, too, with the motto "Pull it one more mile".


Bias Tape Organizer How-To

Just directing you towards a very cool project. Easy patterns and numerous applications (think stationary, art supplies, or a cool bag to tote a laptop and paperbacks for the lit class).



Kids, we're famous!

Being featured on Foil Studio is this site's first truly awesome experience! The creator of the In-line Scarf, below, has invited us into her world.

I'm beyond thrilled. Check it out!

In-line Fleece Scarf

Layer over and under hoodeds, jackets, and school uniforms. It speaks somehow of Saville Row-type tailoring, but in a trendy way.


JCrew Glimmer Outfit

Be inspired.


Opus Shelving System

Made from the same durable, featherweight stuff used to make motorcycle helmets, this shelving unit was inspired by ancient Roman block-building techniques, dried riverbeds, and sidewalks.

Swissmiss points out that these can be stacked to make a whole wall of distinctive book storage, or combined with others to make a room divider.

Finally a bookshelf that encourages the taking out and reading of books.

*Further thought reveals that this bookshelf would be great for separating and organizing genres. Or keeping your Sichos Mussar separate from your Lekutei Sichos. It just works.


Inner Circle Necklace No5

Ingenious and mystical.

The circle is a frame for the chain that threads its way through the holes and up around the wearer's neck, creating an intriguing pattern.

Graphic enough to make a statement, fascinating enough to merit a closer look.



Panton Chair

Fantastic website, unattainable language most probably with fantastic pronunciation, but who knows really. I can't even tell you what these cost.

The name is similar to Pantone so maybe it means color? These are some enviable chairs in vibrant yet livable colors in a superb design that is also available in a junior version.

Shown with great effect in this room here.


Now THAT'S Jewish art.
8x10 $18


Sweet Paisley Wristlet Keychain

Loops onto your wrist so you can both carry the grocery bags and quickly unlock your car in the dark parking lot at night.



Bare Minerals Get Started Kit

I'm serious: FLAWLESS without the liquids, blending, and drugstore panic when I can't remember my shade. Easy powder melts into the skin and 5 minutes later-- instant perfection without a trace of dryness... just dewy and perfect.

And just when I think it's not possible, this bronzer makes it even better, even on my never-seen-sunshine-are-you-sure-you're-not-Irish skin.

Some days I have to stand in front of the mirror and marvel at myself.

Well worth the $60


Cupcake Portrait

Birthdays are for cupcakes and gatsby parties.

Florence Transit Necklace

Sometimes I feel like we're just this close to our own love story and the reality of our own wanderlust.

Necklace, $28
While You Were Sleeping, $3.99


I just finished The Hippie Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder & Other Mountains: How JanSport Makes It Happen and I'm inspired. The attractiveness of their attitude, the draw of their adventurousness, and the coolness of their hippie start-up are surpassed only by their quality and creativity. In those, they leave everyone else in the dust.
I so want a piece of that.
SALE $24.90

Rave Happy Flower Sneaker

From the outside, M came off as a girl who played it safe. Muted colors, non-committal jewelry, arms full of books, and a face full of quiet smiles. Inside, though, was spunk and big sky dreams and a laugh that--for now-- was a mere sparkle in her eye. But it was there and, someday soon, it was sure to surface.

Reduced to $29.95


One Fish Enamel Pendant

You know when something's a little strange but you want it anyway?

Now I only wish she would make a Rainbow Fish version.


Scalloped, stitched, substantial.

In the shul where I grew up-- the Silver Spring Shomrei Emunah-- gigantic lit orbs dangled from above, making the sanctuary look like some Harry Potter-esque Great Hall with a magical ceiling glowing with shiny moons.
They've since remodeled but those lights have always haunted me. Here's the same concept in undeniably great design with a brushed nickel base.


Magnetic Poetry

It's not unusual for me to stand in front of the fridge for hours without finding a thing to eat, but now I can do it with the door closed. Magnetic poetry is fun and inspiring and there's nothing like the thrill of putting together a funny or perfect sentence and then laughing at it. It's just so satisfying.

One of the best presents ever.


Havaianas Flip Flops

Yes, yes. Fall is here and that means that summerwear is on sale, and what Shu Uemura is to eyelash curlers, Havaianas are to flip flops.

Don't you ask me when you'll wear them. It'll be in the rain, and after a pedicure, and when the washing machine overflows, and when you have no shoes that go with your flannel pajama pants. Be sensible.


Marketed to DJs for personal use, these headphones are for people who know something about music and sound quality. And who, by the looks of these, look cool and a little old school even when they're off the job.


Canvas and leather make a preppy but environmentalist statement.
Like a solar-powered yacht.

Ahh, it's good to be an activist.


Mirrored jewelry Box

Bad photo, beautiful piece. I took a three-and-a-half-foot pile of cardboard gift boxes and neatly organized their contents in this sleek case.

It's art deco. It's Daisy in a white dress. It's old Hollywood. It's enthralling on my dresser with a bottle of perfume and earrings thrown on top.

I spent 30, but you get it on sale for $19.99


Wheel Thrown Diner Cup

Repeat after me:

I will not warm my fingers on the inside of the crock pot.
I will not warm my fingers on the lightbox book posters at Barnes and Noble.
Instead I will warm them on an insanely beautiful mug and sip coffee, pretending that I'm seated in a booth discussing campaign strategy and wondering if Chelsea will ever get that car parked.



A Shady Lane Checkbook Cover

I find that suddenly I'm the kind of person who sees the word "sketchbook" and automatically assumes it says "checkbook". Have I left creativity behind in favor of financial planning and obsession over future student loans?

Make the two worlds meet with this checkbook cover, based on the insightful (and appropriate) quote: "The worlds collide, but all that we want is a shady lane."


Vintage Velvet Cuff

Make one for yourself because it's exactly the right moment for velvet ribbon.



Portabile Corta

It's official: Cool eighties throwback design is expensive. Durable vinyl construction pairs with sharp, clean configuration to make this bag as hard-working as it is beautiful.

I Heart Lloyd t-shirt not included. Buy separately here, courtesy of Mighty Goods.


Handmade Julz Graphic Bracelet

So often photos stay packed neatly in computer files, special occasion outfits remain tucked in protective tissue, and self expression is left on the doodled margins of college notebooks.

Back when I was a graphic design major (oh, a year or so ago) I also was frustrated that my small breakthroughs stayed inert and flat in folders. Here a graphic designer airs her designs (and yours too, if you can attach and email) under glass spheres. Custom copper wiring takes what was hidden and makes it personal and unique.

$25 (+$10 for emailed submissions)


There's something special and subtly savvy about intricate, traditional design redone in clear, modern plastic.
Done right the first time, these medallion earrings and Design Within Reach's Louis Ghost Armchair have quite a kick in this incarnation.

DWR Chair, about $325


Damask Monogrammed Notecards

Back in the old days, when women had weekly hair appointments and swirly handwriting, monogrammed stationary was normal and expected.

Now, when most of us blowdry at home and have never held a fountain pen, elegant personal stationary is unspeakably chic and fun.

Set of 10, also available in cranberry, $12

Clear Glass Locket

This sterling and glass locket opens on a hinge so you can fill it with sand from the vacation, a few photos, sparkly beads from your favorite broken necklace, or a daily assortment of autumn leaves.

$29 SALE


Makes blue eyes bluer, green eyes greener, and brown eyes uncharacteristically unusual.


Bop It Extreme 2

Now you can Bop It to four new beats: Pop, Latin, Rock, and R&B. Increased skills unlock layers and layers of new rhythms. The longer you last, the more the beat "evolves and changes."

I pick the white Apple-esque design, but the shiny black is the ultimate gift for brothers, fathers, and pizza delivery guys. Classic edition still available.