I always have a mantra. It just works out that just as a new phase is coming my way, I come upon a phrase that pefectly expresses it. It works to keep me focused.

Right now I'm into:

1. Insist upon yourself. (Emerson)

2. Menucha v'simcha ohr l'yehudim. (Talmud)



It's that time of year when I'm tired of the buying. Anyone else feel that way?

So I'm thinking of taking a break from finals and the many and interesting affects of stress and hunkering down to some good DIY.


I want to buy this now for when I can crochet well enough to figure out the Japanese directions. Or I could just learn Japanese.

Simple, with space to breathe.


5 Matchbook Notepads

...and then he said, "I read an article you might be interested in. Roving reporter slash Wellington boot. Seems right up your alley. And your email?"

Have something to jot it down on.


Over a tissue weight turtleneck now, under a jean jacket in spring, alone with a flowered skirt in summer.
Keep an eye out so as not to miss this one.

1. Funny looking
2. Improve existing wardrobe


Amethyst Studs

Wear with a Donegal tweed scarf and walking shoes.

Sure, there are bigger bargains, but you'll be missing out on the saturated color and classic setting.


Star of David Charm

I received this for Chanuka and am loving it more and more. The clean cutout design makes it iconic. Don't be fooled by the washed out photo. The silver is rich, weighty, and the barrel is large enough to fit over any clasp you own. It's classy, neat, and reads like a Jewish star, no more no less.


(sometimes on sale, so check your local Macy's and wait for a coupon.)


Brightness without the cuteness. Saturated, rich color in a decidedly modern variation.
I just got an astoundingly short haircut and these would be so great peeping out on my newly exposed ears.

This has been an awesome week of student-friendly picks. It's amazing how many different types of items there are for such little money. I hope there was something for everyone. I'm holding out for the tea cozy, myself.

This student event was a reader suggestion, so never hesitate to send an idea my way!

We now return to our regular but extraordinary programming.


Hey, everyone!

This week we're putting the spotlight on our student readers by keeping featured items priced below $20! This post will be sticking to the top as a reminder, so scroll down for the newest, most inexpensive picks.

It's super simple: Keeping things cheap, easy, and chic, we'll be marking every university-friendly item with asterisks (**) around the item name.

Hope you enjoy!

Made in Israel

A stamped clay pendant dangles from matching cord threaded with little gold stars and glass beads.
A sunny, handmade, organically sparkly design.


Check out this site for an awesome design concept and beautiful, unique, intricate, and enviable fabrics.

Recycled paper for multiple fresh starts.

Super wintry, and soft, and cute, and super inexpensive. Seasonal flannel sheets are an indulgence that no one will appreciate as much as you do.

*Lily Crowned Tea Cozy*

I bet every student at Oxford owns one of these.

French linen tea cozy with vintage crown design.



*Minimalist Modern Desk Calendar*

Perhaps I'm overdoing it in the calendar department, but the desk calendar is an art form that good graphic designers really rock.

I want this.


I'm still daring to dream that ballerina dream. Look at this Snippet and Ink inspiration board to reclaim yours.

*2008 Calendar*

A little, approachable something from an artist who is an expert in detail but always knows when to stop.

Display them on a picture stand on your desk or hang them all on the wall to love every day. The clear, balanced calendar design only adds to the stylishness of the piece.

SALE $15

For purses and totes that are tired of living with a bobby pin lining. People appreciate it, too, for pens, highlighters, and packets of post-it notes.


*Porcelain Tag*
By Diana Fayt

Bought one at a time, this would be an amazing way to remember happy times with friends. Every time a roommate has a birthday, or a breakthrough, send away for a tag and hang it on the wall. Write the occasion with a fine black Sharpie and date it. Soon, the good times will grow and you can sit on the couch and marvel at your wonderful timeline.

This would be sweet with babies born, holidays celebrated, promotions earned, and celebrations hosted. Watch the joy spread.


*Blue Bird Pillow*

style + practicality

Young, different, and washable.

SALE $20

*Seaside Stripe Vintage Tie Snap Bracelet*

You mastered the art of accessorizing your uniforms in high school, and now you can't throw on more than your "I even shower with it" necklace??

Wear a cool tie cuff and reclaim your inner Junior.


*Monogram Pendant*

Victorian hand-tatted lacy letters are sandwiched between two squares of glass and soldered into a pendant. Every letter is prettier than the last.

One of these would be lovely dangling from silver wire wrapped around a silver candlestick. That way, every girl in the home knows which Shabbos candle is hers, and the glass will glisten in the light. Add colored glass beads, and it's a fun project you can do together.



*Watercolor Paint Palette*

Dresser surfaces, radiator tops, and bedside tables are begging for a little stylish organization. Keys never make it to their hooks and lipglosses tend to roll underfoot just as you're running out the door.

Perfect fix.


(yes, a little over the promised $20, but judged worthwhile)

*Miles of Squares Felt Pin*

Give that hated cardigan a leg up and see what it can do for you.



*Knot Ring*

A whisper of detail and quality is so much cozier, lighter, and more effortless.


*Double Sided Print*

On one side, a double script quote:

"Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplacable spark. The world you desire can be won. It is real. It is possible. It is yours."

On the other side, in pink:

"If a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's late? Nobody."

That just about covers everything, doesn't it? Hang it on a ribbon for easy flipping.


*Full Tilt Jacket*

This one can go either way:

~ Black tank, black and gray pinstripe skirt, fancy boots. Black hair pins.

~ Spring green tank, corduroy skirt, black cable tights. Flats.



Each color-drenched, rhinestone-studded, gelato-flavored porcelain coin chains to the next to make two very pretty, very fun earrings for anytime.


Photo Snow Globe

For me, shaking a snowglobe is as much fun as watching the snow fall inside it, but I admit that electric photo snowglobes do have a magical feeling about them.

A set of these with engagement and wedding photos inside would be a great gift for a new couple.


I just love bright, papery kitchens with scrubbed, scrubbed countertops and hot drinks.
Photo via Frolic

I'm thrilled to direct you to The Funky Felter, an amazing artist who yesterday featured us on her site! The creator of the cheerful Bubble Rings, below, she makes lots of gorgeous, yummy-soft things. Go over to her site, have a look around, and click through to Etsy to purchase.
Enjoy and thank you!


Is this too Establishment?
Can I clip on one of these little cuties, or would that be giving in to The Man?
Hell, I never made a great rebel anyway.


Wear this while you're reading this, wearing these, and reclining on this.

Bubble Ring

Cheerful without being perky. Because who doesn't hate perky, right?


Sagaform Mangold Dinnerware

Shiny and graphic. Four on a table is delightful, but I'd like mine alone on a pink napkin in front of this week's Ugly Betty.



An incredible price for an original business card design. Choose a color, have the graphic artist customize the info, and receive the digital file. Cards can be printed online and shipped or take the .jpg to a local printshop.
With only one file sold in each color, rest assured that what you've bought isn't only cool and affordable-- it's unique.

Firefly Bracelet

From far away it seems that this beautiful bracelet is shimmering with silver sequins, but up close you see that it's dangled with tiny wings.



I Capture the Castle

A hardcover edition of this book is not to be found in bookstores for love nor money. And I have tried. I have also attempted to spread the joy this book brings by lending it to friends, but I have found that they tend to keep them.

My advice is to buy a few softcovers (gorgeously designed) to "lend" to friends, and keep this old, hardcover, original edition for yourself. Snap it up; it's the first one I've seen.


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame.
Blessed is the flame that burns
in the secret fastness of the heart."

-Chana Senesh


“We must listen carefully to what the candles are saying.”

-Rabbi Joseph I. Schneerson


This marvelous product is the best I've seen in a long time because it's a useful, small, and cheery contribution to the world of mobile snacking.


Snowflake Gift Cards

White on Wedgwood-blue, these cards dress up any gift. A generous set of twelve ensures that you won't leave any present untrimmed.

(For special gifts to go under these, see our Chanuka Gift List!)



A Rose is a Rock Bracelet

Meets the Uptown Frum Product Criteria, namely: detail, great impact, and an effortless feel.

To be worn in the English countryside or to the bookstore.


"The Chanukah Lights remind us in a most obvious way that illumination begins at home, within oneself and one’s family, by increasing and intensifying the light of Torah and Mitzvos in the everyday experience, even as the Chanukah Lights are kindled in growing numbers from day to day. But though it begins at home, it does not stop there. Such is the nature of light that when one kindles the Chanukah Lights, they are expressly meant to illuminate the “outside,” symbolically alluding to the duty to bring light also to those who, for one reason or another, still walk in darkness."

-Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Earrings executed with great flourish. Wittily used as a twist of stylish surprise in a conservative setting, or with a velvet jacket, knit sweater, and green suede boots.


Retro Print Sachets

Strangely, sachets have been much on my mind lately. I never was a huge lavender person, but it has come to be sort of calming. Onset of stress, perhaps?

Either way, these are real treats and might inspire you to sew a few yourself.

Set of three: One for a drawer, one for the front hall table, and one for your coat pocket. Aside from it obviously smelling amazing, you can toss it around when you're stuck on a bus.



Happy Chanuka!

“Through the mitzvah of the Chanukah lights, we come to recognize God’s Glory, which is elevated and magnified throughout the world. Those who are distant from holiness are awakened to return to God; and we attain awe of God, peace in our homes, and the power of prayer. All strife and evil speech are nullified and universal peace spreads through all of the worlds.”

-Rav Nachman of Breslov
(Likkutei Moharan I:14)