Uptown Frum On Location


We're here because we love online shopping. We love the convenience, the creativity, the instant connections with people who make stuff. Sometimes, though, it pays to go out and see what brick-and-mortar businesses are up to. There's nothing like entering a beautiful shop, admiring unique displays, and talking to the creative, innovative people who make it all happen.

Flourish :: 1105 Central Ave :: Wilmette, Illinois

Earlier this week I visited Flourish. Not only was the bright, sunny shop filled with gorgeous home ware and accessories, the way it was arranged inspired a fun, light-hearted shopping experience. Glass display cases, baskets, and freestanding white wire storage units made me want to pick things up, try them on, or smell them, as the case may be. The pink hallway holds sale merchandise and the green is filled with framed art. Monogrammed photo albums fill a wicker tray and chandeliers dangle from the corners of bookshelves. There's really something for every taste and gift-giving budget.

More than anything, a visit to a store, especially such a beautiful one as Flourish, allows you to see what's new, what is going on in the design world, and what awesome people are doing to make it their own.

This would be so pretty above a bathtub or even a nightstand.

Get one for each sink so you can take off rings when washing dishes or pumping out hand lotion.

They're designed to hang from necklaces but they would make sweet zipper pulls.

1105 Central Avenue
Wilmette, Illinois 60091